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God’s Ultimate Mandate for All of Us!


His Commission for All

With lost people everywhere, our loving Father sent Jesus to start

a Worldwide Movement of disciples multiplying disciples.

If that’s not happening where we are, it’s our God-given responsibility

to realign our priorities with those of our Lord and Savior, Jesus!



iMultiply is a GATEWAY to a world of resources. It is here to help us Change and Influence Change- wherever we go!

Reading each section consecutively will help you re-discover the whys

and ways that we can do this. Download any material and use it freely.

Make it fit you! Change it to work in your world.

The Conference
Anchor 1

Why Make Disciples?

Here’s the first big question. Lost people matter to God and He wants them found and discipled! But we live in a culture where Christians see few examples of disciplemaking and feel no personal need to add it to their lives.  So start with this section to remember why we are all called to make disciples in the first place.


"97.8% of North American church growth is transfer growth. That's largely people hopping from one church to another! Only 2.2% is conversion growth. Heaven is weeping."

If we don't change now, will the church survive the next chapter?

What is an

Authentic Disciple?

The first thing we need to do is define what an authentic disciple is. Once we have our understanding of what Jesus wants us to see in His disciples, then we can develop our plan, present that lifestyle and begin to build a movement!


Lord, what a Mission! It's overwhelming. Where do I start? I'll start with You. Forgive me. Forgive me for not caring enough about lost people to get intentional. Lord, I see so many people who need to be discipled! They need to grow up! Forgive me for not acting on what I know I should be doing. Forgive me for not drawing close and staying close to You! I desperately need Your power to do Your will. Help me to realign my priorities with Your priorities. Thank you for giving me a heart that wants to obey. I'm committing myself to new goals for my life.



Let’s begin by talking about disciplemaking.  Then we’ll give some options to consider and walk you through the planning process.

Heading 1

Past Events

Change a Generation!

We have the opportunity to breath life both into the Church and into our World! It all begins with you, touching one person at a time.



As you become an authentic disciple and then begin to disciple others, search to find the best tools to grab the hearts of those you are discipling. They may not think or grow like you, at all. So be attentive and meet their needs.
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