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Building a Movement of Authentic Disciples!

This is the moment. This is our time to impact our world significantly for Jesus. As traditional structures are slowly fading away, it's our opportunity to return to the basics.

Let's make disciples, a few at a time. Let's make authentic disciples, who live it, fish and make disciples themselves. This will multiply! It will! Like nothing else we've ever done.

The hardest part is starting, becoming authentic ourselves, recruiting a few to disciple and walking with them all the way to multiplication. Get past that first year or two, and everything will change. 

For individuals, you can do it. Just start. Or find some others who have the same passion, and do it together!

For church leaders, start small. Make sure you are living it, fishing and making disciples yourselves, or you will simply produce more of the same old same old. Find your disciples and get to work. And you might want to find a few passionate leaders who are ready to grow into authentic disciplemakers.

Create an Intensive! Group them, help them transform and release them on others in your church.

Watch it change. Everything!


our training



We want to provide our guides and training materials for you to change the world! Use them and feel free to modify them for your setting. Our plan is to disciple three people at the same time. The leadership manual explains that logic. It also provides everything you need if you want to to disciple one-on-one.


The AUTHENTIC Leader's Guide is self-explanatory. Just read it. It will take you through everything from why we must make disciples to the detail of how to track our disciples and help them become multipliers themselves. As you recruit other leaders to grow a disciplemaking movement, give each of them their own Leader's Guide. Reading through it will prepare anyone for the next steps.

       AUTHENTIC- Leader's Guide

The AUTHENTIC Team Guide is meant for everyone you disciple, as an individual or if you are discipling a small team of two to four people. There are many parts in each manual that differ, so  you will want to get to know everything in each booklet. You can hand the team guide to your disciplees and just start reading it through with them. It will take several months to go through this material to set everyone up for a great disciplemaking experience. This doesn't give you your ultimate content for disciplemaking, but it helps you set the stage for the journey of producing reproducing disciplemakers at the end of several years.

        AUTHENTIC- Team Guide


MINISTRY LEADERS- Create a Discipleship Movement in your church or ministry.

A movement can begin more aggressively if we recruit a group of mature believers and leaders, season them and release them to make disciples. Here's the concept.

       Leadership Discipleship Intensive


supplemental material

Here are some of the charts, forms and articles from the manual, guide and other resources that you can use for training, record keeping and assessments. These all need to be transferred into a PDF reader in pads and phones.

   The Disciplemaking Four   - Great for Recruiting

   What is an Authentic Disciple? Summary

   Essentials for Disciplemaking Summary

   Team Essentials for Disciplemaking Summary

   Assessment Tools                                Spiritual Life Assessment         

   Topics Checklist                                  Team Gatherings Planner     



   Monthly / Quarterly Review               My Journey Map     



   WBE Balance Pie Charts                     Four Areas Diagram

   Our Life in Christ                                Our Time and the Kingdom

   Selection Chart- Evangelism               Prayer List of Friends

             Change It UP!

    My book and Free Assessment

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