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Ministries and churches across the nation create events throughout the year on various themes, including disciplemaking. It's wonderful to take our leadership to gather and get refreshed. We're able to hear experienced veterans on keys issues with practical solutions and then unpack those ideas for our own context. Here they are!     


For disciples, church leaders and networks

This collaborative network of key ministries offers events that allow you to hear and see most of our best disciplemaking strategies and resources.


Making Disciples the Way Jesus Did

Sonlife has provided the best disciplemaking training and conferences for decades, for youth and church ministry.


Empowering Missional Disciples

to Change the World

3DMovements offers specialized training and coaching to help you create their disciplemaking model in your church.

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Exponential Conferences have provided some of the best speakers, training and exposure to the nation's resources on everything ministry, with a strong disciplemaking track.

We've given you some of the key sites that will tell you where and when the next disciplemaking training or conference is taking place. As we all know, COVID has significantly shut down must conferences and other gatherings. Some ministries have shifted to online training. Others are waiting for all of this to pass. Check them out.



               YOU ARE CALLED TO BE

Jim Putnam and his team offer excellent training for disciplemaking strategies.

To be and build disciples of Jesus Christ

The Disciplemaking Summit brings together excellent speakers and training to help you on your journey.


A Discipleship Plan for You and your Church

D-Group Conference kits are available for you to bring excellent training to your own leadership.

Creating a culture of disciplemaking that transforms cities.

Legacy Conferences are aimed at equipping churches and leaders to make real disciples specifically in urban settings.

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